On September 18, 2012, HDS Professor Karen L. King announced the existence of a papyrus fragment dubbed “The Gospel of Jesus’s Wife” at the International Coptic Congress in Rome. This site provides updated (March 2014) information on the scientific testing of the papyrus and ink, which demonstrated that the material is ancient. Read more.

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Harvard Theological Review Article

Karen L. King’s article, ““Jesus said to them, ‘My wife…’”: A New Coptic Papyrus Fragment” concerns an early Christian debate over whether women who are wives and mothers can be disciples of Jesus. Solely for purposes of reference, the fragment is given the title The Gospel of Jesus’s Wife (GJW).  

View the full Harvard Theological Review online from Cambridge University Press.

About Karen King

Karen L. King is Hollis Professor of Divinity, Harvard University’s oldest endowed professorship (1721), and is the first woman to hold this chair.  Trained in comparative religions and historical studies, she pursues teaching and research specialties in the history of Christianity.  Her particular theoretical interests are in discourses of normativity (orthodoxy and heresy), gender studies, and religion and violence. Read more.